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Getting started with eating a Paleo anti-inflammation diet may seem intimidating, but with Venus's expert guidance you'll gain confidence and whipping up healthy, nutritious meals faster than you could have ever expected. Learn all the skills and confidence needed to prepare family meals with ease.

Paleo Friendly Food

What can I eat on this plan?

The Jumpstart to a New You meal plan restricts inflammatory foods, like starchy gluten products (bread, pasta), cane sugar, hydrogenated oils, and conventional meat (loaded with hormones, antibiotics), and mucus-forming dairy. Instead, you'll eat delicious Paleo-friendly nutritious food with grass-fed, organic protein, healthy fats, and non-GMO vegetables. This meal plan includes everything you need, and gives plenty of options to keep it fun!


  • 1

    Jumpstart 28 Day - Commit to Change

    • Jumpstart 28 Day Recipe Guide

    • Jumpstart 28 Day - Commit to Change

    • Jumpstart 28 Day - Week 1 Shopping List

    • Jumpstart 28 Day - Blank Meal Planner

    • Jumpstart 28 Day - Week 1 Meal Planner

  • 2

    Jumpstart 28 Day - Food Focus

    • Jumpstart 28 Day - Food Focus

  • 3

    Jumpstart 28 Day - Put Yourself First

    • Jumpstart 28 Day - Putting Yourself First

    • Jumpstart 28 Day - Week 3 Meal Planner

    • Jumpstart 28 Day - Week 3 Shopping List

  • 4

    Jumpstart 28 Day - Move Your Body

    • Jumpstart 28 Day - Move Your Body

  • 5

    Jumpstart 28 Day - Bonuses

    • Top Vegetarian Protein

    • Vegetable Cooking Methods

    • 40 Snacks on the Go

    • Gluten-Free Substitutions

    • Going Gluten-Free

    • Portion Control

    • The Food Diary

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Venus Aviv

I am committed to helping empathic women transform their lives so they can feel empowered to manifest their deepest desires, feel emotionally strong, stand in their power, and discover their purpose, and shine in their truth as a Modern Goddess.I've designed each course to help you connect inward and strengthen your spiritual abilities, for overall balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit.To learn more about me, please visit my main website at


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  • Paleo Recipes

  • Anti-Inflammation Diet

  • Food Journal

  • The Best Ways to Start

  • Alkaline Diet

  • Vegan Recipes



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