Modern Black Goddess Blueprint

Spiritual Life Coaching Mentorship

You are a Modern Black Goddess

Feel Empowered. Get Clarity. Discover Your Purpose.

For Empathic, Emotionally Sensitive Women

Living in world where you are judged by the color of your skin can be mentally exhausting and emotionally draining - especially for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), introverts, empaths, and black women with spiritual gifts. 

Society gives messages that black women are inferior, inhuman, and unworthy of respect and honor. This course teaches you the truth of who you are, a powerful modern black goddess. 

Discover the spiritual tools to stand in your power, honor your needs, protect your energy, speak your truth, and unapologetically THRIVE as you live your divine purpose and hold unbreakable joy in your heart, mind and soul.   

Follow your dreams

Remember How Powerful You Are

The path to developing a spiritual practice and clearing your energetic blocks takes dedication and time. It takes about 6 months for total life transformation. Are You Ready?


Month 1 - Remember Who You Are

  • Modern Goddess Blueprint - Private Coaching - Month 1
  • Modern Goddess Blueprint - Empath and Emotional Guidance
  • Month 1 Discussion
  • Month 1 Quiz

Month 2 - The Universe and Your Mind

  • Month 2 - The Universe and Your Mind
  • Month 2 Discussion

Month 3 - Design Your Spiritual Practice

  • Month 3 - Design Your Spiritual Practice
  • Month 3 Discussion

Month 4 - Your Mind & Spirit Connection

  • Month 4 - Your Mind & Spirit Connection
  • Month 4 Discussion

Month 5 - Your Lightwork Business

  • Month 5 - Your Lightwork Business
  • Month 5 Discussion

Month 6 - Your Modern Goddess Blueprint

  • Month 6 Discussion

Bonus 1 - Are You an Empath?

  • Empath and Emotional Guidance
  • Empath and Emotional ?

About Your Instructor

Venus Aviv

Venus Aviv

Alchemical Priestess and Modern Goddess

I am committed to helping empathic women transform their lives so they can feel empowered to manifest their deepest desires, feel emotionally strong, stand in their power, and discover their purpose, and shine in their truth as a Modern Goddess.

I've designed each course to help you connect inward and strengthen your spiritual abilities, for overall balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

To learn more about me, please visit my main website at


Remember Your True Self

Discover Your Core Archetypes

Build Your Spiritual Practice

Explore Your Soul's Deepest Desires

Transform Your Pain into Your Purpose

Launch Your Lightworker Practice


You are truly a healer's healer. Not many people have the combination you have of extensive healing skills and experience along with a heart that beams true, unconditional love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Carissa Montooth Love Coach
I would highly recommend working with Venus - she has worked through much healing herself and thus can speak from experience. I felt completely open talking to Venus about the blockages that she assessed...and she was able to help tie together what she channeled with where I am physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Ginger Harris Urban Priestess
I feel like Venus held a light up to my blocks and gave me all the resources I needed to move through & clear my energy. She pin-pointed events from my past that I never shared before and gave me specific tools to clear them. Venus helped me get clear on the beliefs that were causing my blocks, taught me techniques to protect my energy, and followed up with even more great resources to give me a plan of action to clear my blocks! I loved working with Venus! She gives so much, has an amazing talent for healing, and she's so much fun to chat with!!!
Sarah Hart Visual Brand Expert


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Bonus Material

Chakra + Aura Energy Repair

3 Sessions

$711 value
I will map out exactly where you hold limiting beliefs in you body, creating energetic blocks. I can identify current energy states (and the stuck emotions) in each chakra, aura layer, and in your 13 major organs. Once I perform a chakra assessment, I'll email you a private report, showing where your blocks exist. As I assess, I'll perform an energy healing to clear those blocks at a chakra, aura, and organ level.


Advanced Support

Get in touch with me on a weekly basis to go over how you're learning is progressing!


Community Discussions

Amazing Value!
Join our Modern Goddess community and grow everyday through real interaction with fellow students!

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